: : : Saint Seiya: Volume 6
===Story=== Silver Assassins The battle for the fate of the cosmo has begun! Using his evil mind-control powers, Ares has built a legion of vile assassins including several Silver Saints, all with orders - not only to capture the Gold Cloth, but to kill Seiya and the rest of the Bronze Saints, it's time to take the battle to the bad guys. The Bronze Saints attack! but not for long. The Silver Saints are strong and overpower our heroes, putting both the boys and the safety of the world in grave danger. Shina hunts down Seiya, Saori gets kidnapped, and two of the Bronze Saints will not be able to continue. Hampered with injury, aching with loss and perilously undermanned, the Bronze Saints will surely fail if they do not get some help. And quickly, at that. ===DVD Features=== #Mythology: A Look At the Mythology Behind Saint Seiya "Original Japanese Opening Animation "ADV Previews


Toru Furuya
Hirotaka Suzuoki

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Feb 16, 07 2:06pm
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