===Story=== Cosmic Rift With Saori in hiding with the mask of the Golden Cloth, Seiya, Hyouga, and Shiryu split up to search for the mastermind responsible for the recent attacks. But, something is amiss. Normally benevolent Saints have now become bent on destroying our Bronze heroes. It will take showdowns in Siberia and Japan, coupled with the unexpected return of a fallen comrade, to get to the bottom of this deadly situation. Not only are their foes clad in silver cloth, but they're also skilled, experienced and under orders to kill the Saints-starting with Seiya. In order to survive, the Saints must discover a power within the cosmos they never could have possibly imagined! Episodes Include: Episode 21: A Fight In Siberia! Episode 22: Phoenix Ikki! Episode 23: Silver Saint! The Proud Assassin! Episode 24: Fly Pegasus! Fly! Episode 25: United With Athena! ===DVD Features=== #Mythology: A Look At The Mythology Behind Saint Seiya #Original Japanese Opening Animation #ADV Previews


Toru Furuya
Hirotaka Suzuoki

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Feb 16, 07 2:06pm
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