: : : Saint Seiya: Volume 2
===Story=== The battle of the saints continues. Seiya and Shiryu are locked in an epic struggle that will test both their strength and will to survive. One of the two will die, and the other will not be so lucky. Also. Jabu and Shun are slated to go head-to-head in the next battle. It will pit Jabu's fierce competitiveness against the miraculous wonders of Shun's Nebula Chain. But, looming in the dark corners of the arena, a long lost figure waits for his moment to return. Not a soul in the audience nor a saint in the ring will be safe from his pledge of vengeance. Episode 6: "Phoenix - Back from Hell" Episode 7: "Theft of the Golden Cloth" Episode 8: "Phoenix's Black Shadow Army" Episode 9: "The Four Black Saints" Episode 10: "The Grave of Sacred Church" ===DVD Features=== Audio: #ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo #JAPANESE: Dolby Digital Stereo Subtitles: #English


Toru Furuya
Hirotaka Suzuoki

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