===Story=== Fallen Friends The scramble to save Saori continues! In the House of Gemini, Shun must wield his Andromeda Chain with deadly accuracy in an attempt to save Hyoga, who is trapped in an alternate dimension. Meanwhile, Hyoga has his own demons to face. The powerful cosmos of Gold Saint Aquarius Camus is threatening the very thing Hyoga holds most dear - the memory of this mother. At the House of Cancer, Shiryu stays behind the finish a battle that began long ago at the Five Ancient Pearks. In order to defeat Deathmask, Shiryu will need more than his Rising Dragon, more than his countless hours of training. He will need the rage one can only find from the loss of someone very clear. Do it Shiryu.! do it for her! Episode 46: "Andromeda Nebula Chain Attack!" Episode 47: "Goodbye Hyoga - Rest in Peace!" Episode 48: "Dragon! Come Back from the Country of the Dead!" Episode 49: "the Beauty of Love - Shunrei Prays for Shiryu" Episode 50: "Rise Dragon! Shiryu's Cosmos of Anger! ===DVD Features=== #Mythology: A look at the Mythology Behind Saint Seiya #Clean Opening & Closing Animation #ADV Previews


Toru Furuya
Hirotaka Suzuoki

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