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===Story=== The movie ''Saint'' focuses on the tale of St. Nicholas, a disgraced bishop. He rides in the Middle Ages with his gang of robbers plundering and burning dismissive about the countryside. If the villagers take the law into their own hands to stop the murderous rampage of the bloodthirsty Saint and his henchmen, Niklas would vow revenge. Niklas always appears to kidnap and murder children during a full moon on the fifth day of December. Who will survive the wrath of the homicidal bishop? ===DVD Features===


Huub StapelNiklas
Egbert Jan WeeberFrank
Caro LenssenLisa
Escha TanihatuSophie
Madelief BlankenNatasha
Bert LuppesGoert
Kees BootRechercheur
Christopher ParrenGids
Jan DoenseVerslaggever 2
Ben RamakersVan Dijk
Frederik BromPolitieman 2
Terrence SinclairToersit
Cynthia AbmaMoeder Lisa
Joey van der VeldenHanco
Jim DeddesSander
Fred GoessensBarman
Rob Andrist PlourdeToerist
Bob SchwarzeRechercheur
Niels van den BergGoert - 8 jaar
Lien Van de KelderNurse Merel (uncredited)

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