: : : Sailor Moon Vol 2
===Story=== An Uncharmed Life: Jedite goes undercover as Jed, in order to sell good luck charms at a temple called Cherry Hill. Unfortunately the good luck charms are more of a energy draining device... Cruise Blues: Jedite with a new partner named Tetis, now plans to take the energy of those in love by setting a trap using the bait of a romantic cruise. Fight To The Finish: Queen Beryl has given Jedite one last chance to prove himself or he would be put to sleep forever. Jedite plans a final showdown at an airport, and demands the scouts to arrive or else he'll burn the entire city to ashes. Match point For Sailor Moon: Nephlite intends to steal more energy than Jedite and turns his attention to top tennis pro Katie Sandler. An Unnatural Phenomena: Nephlite's next target is old gardener Mr. Baxter who doesn't take kindly to his park being destroyed! ===DVD Features=== Cel art gallery


Aya Hisakawa
Emi Shinohara
Kotono Mitsuishi
Michie Tomizawa

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