: : : Sailor Moon Vol 1
===Story=== 1000 years ago during a time known as the Silver Millennium, the universe was at peace and ruled by Queen Serenity from her palace in the heart of the Moon Kingdom. But with great good also came great evil... the Negaverse, an evil universe run by the villainous Negaforce. After a failed attempt by the Negaforce to destroy Earth and the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity sent her only daughter, Princess Serena (Sailor Moon) and her court of princesses (Sailor Scouts) into the future, to modern day Earth, accompanied by two celestial guardians. A Moon Star Is Born: Earth is threatened by the Negaverse and its evil Queen. Serena, a 14 year old schoolgirl, discovers that she is 'Sailor Moon' and that her destiny is to save the world. Talk Radio: With the help of her guides and protectors, Luna the magic cat and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon defeats the evil Queen and saves her friends. Good prevails over Evil as Sailor Moon discovers - believe in yourself and anything is possible. Slim City: The Evil Queen of the Negaverse has discovered that people put an absurd amount of energy into crazy diets and fitness. She sends her henchman, Jedyte, to pose as a fitness instructor and capture the human energy. Sailor Moon saves the day and exposes the plot. So You Want To Be A Star: Superstar Saffron visits Serena's school and organises a talent contest. But does Saffron really work for the Negaforce and is the contest really a ploy to sap human energy from the contestants? You can be sure Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Luna the cat will come to the rescue! Computer School Blues: As Jedite redeems himself, he finds a new way to target human energy: computers. There is a new student that's been transfered to Crossroads Junior High. Her name is Amy, and Luna has a suspicious feeling about her... Time Bomb: As Serena and her new best friend Amy goes shopping, Jedite plans a new energy stealing attack by focusing on alarm clocks! ===DVD Features=== Cel art gallery


Aya Hisakawa
Emi Shinohara
Kotono Mitsuishi
Michie Tomizawa

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