: : : Saber Marionette J To X: Program One

Saber Marionette J To X: Program One

===Story=== Return to Japoness for a visit with everyone's favorite Marionettes! Everyone's enjoying the peace and quiet- except for Lime. The winds of change are in the air, and the old ways are being swept aside. With Lorelei back, Terra II is going to halt production on Marionettes. Even the Sanja festival, the high point of Japoness culture, is undergoing radical change. Will everyone forget about Lime and the others? Amidst all this turmoil is a visit from Hanagata's father, a high-tech float race, a theif, a letter from Faust, and the rise of the Shiratki Alliance! Phase 01: Civilization All Over the Place
Phase 02: Wishes Are Granted to the Winner of the Float Battle
Phase 03: Daddy is Coming! Daddy is Coming! Phase 04: The Saberdolls' Journey
Phase 05: Shirataki Shines Forever ===DVD Features=== Animated Menus
Textless Opening
Textless Ending


Yuka Imai
Megumi Hayashibara
Akiko Hiramatsu

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