: : : Rurouni Kenshin: Legendary Swordsman

Rurouni Kenshin: Legendary Swordsman

===Story=== Ten years have passed since the Meiji Revolution ended. Although the ability to carry swords publicly has been restricted to the police, thanks to the Sword Ban Act, Himura Kenshin still carries a reverse blade sword, and is always getting chased by the police because of it. Kamiya Kaoru runs into Kenshin while trying to find the person who claims to be Hitokiri Battousai, and is ruining the reputation of the Kamiya family dojo. Although they may not get along too well, Kenshin proves to be fairly helpful when the fake Battousai is found. ===DVD Features=== *Linear Notes *Art Gallery *Textless Opening *Scene Access *Interactive Menus


Richard HayworthKenshin Himura
Dorothy MelendrezKaoru
Lex LangSanosuke Sagara/Grandpa
Elyse FloydYahiko
John BillingsleaGohei
Stevie BlochAyame
Jonathan CharlesRyuji
Simon IsaacsonYamagata
Jane AlanLittle Boy/Woman on the Street
Steve KramerGensai/Sakata/Rokusuke/Cop/Drunk
Dave MallowGasuke/Yamada/Drunk
Mona MarshallSuzume/Cat
Anthony MozdyBoss/Ujiki
David OrozcoGeo
Terry RobertsCop D/Sousuke
Georgette RoseTae
Gil StarberryCop
John SmallberriesPolice Chief/Kojishiro/Drunk
David UmanskyGenji/Nishiwaki/Genta

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