: : : Rurouni Kenshin 21: A Shinobi's Love

Rurouni Kenshin 21: A Shinobi's Love

===Story=== Kenshin, Yahiko, Sanosuke, Yutarou, and the rest of the group are hot on the trail of a deadly swordsman from Germany named Meldars. He is in pursuit of the "Divine Elixer", which is said to be able to grant eternal life. The Germans prepare a final confrontation with Kenshin and his friends as they enlist the help of Misanagi and her Sanada Ninja clan. The trouble begins when Schneider, a lieutenant of Meldars, finds that he's attracted to Misanagi. When the Germans plan a double-cross, Schneider must make a choice between his feelings for Misanagi and his love for Germany. ===DVD Features=== *Linear Notes *Outtakes *Creditless Closing *Scene Access *Interactive Menus


Richard HayworthKenshin Himura
Dorothy MelendrezKaoru Kamiya
Elyse FloydYahiko Myojin
Lex LangSanosuke Sagara
Debra CunninghamMisao Makimachi
Dave LelyveldYutaro Tsukayama
Julie PickeringMisanagi
Dave LelyveldOrochi no Ren
Ethan MurrayLieutenant Meldars
Kermit BeachwoodSecond Lieutenant Schneider
George C. ColeSecond Lieutenant Lentz
Ron AllenKaita

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