: : : Rurouni Kenshin 12: Blind Justice

Rurouni Kenshin 12: Blind Justice

===Story=== Usui serves as one of Shishio's most powerful lieutenants, if you overlook the fact that he's blind. Saito believes that only someone who is willing to commit murder can defeat Usui, and he challenges the blind assassin to battle, letting Kenshin go ahead on the road to Shishio himself. However, Saito is up against an opponent who has senses that are so sharp that he can hear someone's muscles contract and can predict their movements. Shinomori Aoshi has also returned, and this time he's bent on killing Kenshin and then to take his own life. Can Aoshi's heart be warmed and be brought back to the woman who's waiting for him? ===DVD Features=== *Outtakes *Liner notes *Art gallery


Hirotaka Suzuoki

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