: : : Runaway Car (1997)
===Story=== A nurse (Jenny) picks up her car from the garage, after it being serviced. While at the garage, she meets Ed, who's car isn't ready even though the mechanics said it would be. Jenny offers him a ride. On there way, she picks up her sisters baby and a young man. Jenny's brakes fail after she gets on the highway. A Police Officer fallows them, trying to figure out a way to stop the car an save them. ===DVD Features=== Interactive Menu, 8 Scene Selections, Movie Stills


Judge ReinholdEd Lautner
Nina SiemaszkoJenny Todd
Paul EidingWally Baird
Glenn MorshowerCaptain Jim Louben
LeonOfficer Isaiah 'Beau' Beaufort
Tia TexadaLupe

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