: : : Rumbling Hearts Volume 3
===Story=== The entire world has gone crazy! Haruka has collapsed back into a coma and Mitsuki has left Takayuki, this time for good. When Haruka wakes up for the second time, she realises that three years have passed and things change. But Takayuki denies having anyone else in his life. When Mitsuki visits, Haruka learns the truth. Upset, she wants to know why she lost three years and why she woke up now with everything all screwed up. But most of all, she wants that time back, the three years that she slept through. Faced with unpleasant reality, the young girl must have courage. ===DVD Features=== * Clean Opener and Closer * Trailers


Kevin M. ConnollyTakayuki Narumi
Colleen ClinkenbeardMitsuki Hayase
Carrie SavageHaruka Suzumiya
David WilsonShinji Taira
Leah ClarkAkane Suzumiya
Luci ChristianAyu Daikuji
Monica RialMayu Tamano

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8.0 / 10