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Haruka, Takayuki, Mitsuki and Shinji are four high school friends. Life's promise shines brightly on them until an accident leaves Haruka in a coma and her boyfriend, Takayuki, can’t forgive himself.

Mitsuki dedicates her life to helping this tragic young man and the pair fall into a guilt-ridden relationship. When Haruka awakens after three years, Takayuki is torn between his unhappy real-life relationship and daydream high school romance. He feels the tiny silver lining left in his life being mercilessly stripped away.

DVD Features

  • Clean Opener and Closer
  • Trailers


    Kevin M. ConnollyTakayuki Narumi
    Colleen ClinkenbeardMitsuki Hayase
    Carrie SavageHaruka Suzumiya
    David WilsonShinji Taira
    Leah ClarkAkane Suzumiya
    Luci ChristianAyu Daikuji
    Monica RialMayu Tamano

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