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Roswell - The Complete Second Season

===Story=== ROSWELL (1999-2002) was a series with a dedicated cult following that blended romance with science fiction in a way that allowed it to examine themes of contemporary relevance, such as identity issues and race relations, as well as deliver stories that appealed to its young-adult audience. Three teenagers living in Roswell, New Mexico are actually human/ alien hybrids attempting to live normal lives while simultaneously working to discover who they really are and how to get home. In the show's pilot, Max imperils himself, his alien sister Isabel, and their friend Michael when he risks discovery by saving Liz from a fatal gunshot wound. Thus begins a series characterized by romance, mystery, and adventure, as love blooms while the authorities begin closing in, having been alerted of an alien presence in their midst. With a charismatic cast and storylines that are subtle, humorous, and touching, ROSWELL was that affecting and exciting gem of network television that is all too rarely seen. The second season saw the plot amped up a bit as writers tried to appeal to a wider audience. Liz is forced to make Max fall out of love with her when she receives a visit from the future warning her against their romance, and the group battles various enemies such as the Skins and the alien parasite queen. A new alien, Tess, joins the cast, and the episodes become somewhat darker and fantastical. ===DVD Features=== *Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1) *21 episodes on six discs *Selected episode commentaries *Featurettes: Here with Me: Making of Roswell Season Two, Storyboard to Scene, The Shiri and Majandra Show, Art of Composing Roswell *Video montage: A Little Something Extra for the Fans


Shiri ApplebyLiz Parker
Jason BehrMax Evans
Katherine HeiglIsabel Evans
Majandra DelfinoMaria DeLuca
Brendan FehrMichael Guerin
Colin HanksAlex Whitman
Nick WechslerKyle Valenti
Emilie de RavinTess Harding
William SadlerSheriff Jim Valenti
David ConradDaniel Pierce
Gretchen EgolfVanessa Whitaker
Jim OrtliebNasedo
Jeremy DavidsonGrant Sorenson
Tom KennyBarkeep
John DoeJeff Parker
Chris EllisT. Greer
Holmes OsborneWalt Crawford
Diane FarrAmy DeLuca
Keith SzarabajkaDan Lubetkin
Heidi SwedbergMeredith Dupree
Taran KillamMalamud
Nelly FurtadoHerself

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