Romy and Michele's High School Reunion


Romy and Michele's High School Reunion review
With your long legs and long hair, walking on your legs, flipping your hair...


I first watched this film about six years ago, and I still love it just as much as I ever did.

Romy and Michele are best friends living in LA. They love their laid back lives, but when they are invited to a ten year high school reunion and are filling in forms about what they've done in the last ten years, Romy becomes depressed about the little they've achieved. Michele doesn't see a problem at first, but Romy soon convinces her otherwise, as appears to be common in their relationship. At first they attempt to find better jobs and boyfriends, but, unable to in the short time they have, inspiration hits and they decide to lie.

In the car during the journey back to their high school in Tousan, they make the decision to tell people at the reunion, most particularly the A-group, led by Christie Masterson, who made their school lives hell (Romy was fat and Michele had a back brace), that they invented post-it notes. However, when coming up with the story of how they invented them, Romy reveals that she thinks that most people will believe that Michele is only capable of contributing to the design process by saying "what about making them yellow?"

This sparks an argument, during which Michele tells Romy that everyone believes that she, Michele, is better looking ('cuter') while Romy tells her that without her, Romy, Michele would be nothing. Stuck in a car together for the present, they vow to go their separate ways at the reunion.

When I watched the film recently (for the hundredth time, it must be said) the first thing that struck me was how much like real women Mira Sorvina and Lisa Kudrow (in the title roles) looked. In modern films, it seems that no actress is any bigger than one of my thighs, which is actually kind of depressing and surreal. No-one is that thin. Although by no means fat, Romy and Michele actually look realistic, which is nice (and far more attractive).

The relationship between the two girls is also interesting. At times they act almost like an old married couple (although when Michele suggests that they have sex to see if they're lesbians Romy refuses, but then says "if we're still not married when we're thirty, ask me again). At other times it seems that they are just discovering each others tastes, despite the length of their friendship.

The balance of power in the relationship is clear - Romy makes the decisions while Michele is happy to let her. They both seem happy with this status quo, although when Michele finally stands up to Romy, Romy tells her she likes that side of her.

The film was originally released in 1997, and it does look slightly dated. Still, it's a sweet and funny story. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow are amazing (I have such a crush on Sorvino). Christie Masterson is such a bitch that when she finally gets what's coming to her, it's amazingly satisfying (I like films where the underdog wins). Elaine Hendrix is also amazing in her role as Lisa Luter, a girl who, although originally part of the a-group later achieves recognition apart from them.

In summary, it's a really fun girly film.

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