: : : R.O.D. - Read or Die
===Story=== Yomiko Readman is a bespectacled substitute teacher who spends every cent she earns on books. When a weird humanoid riding a buglike monster tries to steal a rare book from her, Yomiko performs some amazing battle moves using pieces of paper as weapons. She's immediately drafted into the British Library Special Engineering Force, assigned to Operation Manuscript Retrieval. The mutant clones of a demented scientist are stealing rare books from libraries around the world. The resurrected scientist plans to destroy the human race by reconstructing and broadcasting Beethoven's lost "Death Symphony," which will compel everyone who hears it to commit suicide: it's up to Yomiko and her teammates to stop him. This slight, off-the-wall sci-fi adventure boasts handsome designs, polished animation, and skillful direction; it's a pity the artists weren't given a better vehicle for their talents. (Unrated: suitable for ages 14 and older: considerable violence, grotesque imagery) ===DVD Features=== * Historical Biographies * Photo Gallery * Director and Crew Interviews * Original Trailer * Previews


Ryan AbrahamAlex / Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Raymond BraunAdditional Voices (voice: English version)
Brooke CadoretteAdditional Voices (voice: English version)
Sue CreminYoko / Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Tricia DicksonWendy (voice: English version)
Chad FiferGenjo (voice: English version)
Crispin FreemanJoker (voice: English version)
Hozumi GôdaJoker (voice)
Dean HaglundGennai Hiraga (voice: English version)
Adam HarringtonAdditional Voices (voice: English version)
Dave HerbelinPresident (voice: English version)
Masami IwasakiDrake 'Mr. Drake' Anderson (voice)
Jason LeeDrake Anderson (voice: English version) (as Jaxon Lee)
Hal LublinOtto Lilienthal (voice: English version)
Scott MacDonellAdditional Voices (voice: English version)
Jason MillerVarious (voice)
Rieko MiuraYomiko 'The Paper' Readman (voice)
Michiko NeyaNancy 'Miss Deep' Makuhari (voice)
Chikao OhtsukaHiraga Gen-nai (voice)
Robert J. PetersonAdditional Voices (voice: English version)
Daniel RaymontIkkyu (voice: English version)
Michael RossPaul (voice: English version) (as Michael John Ross)
Douglas RyeJean-Henri Fabre / Mr. Gentleman / Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Junko TakeuchiFabre (voice)
Amanda Winn LeeNancy 'Miss Deep' Makuhari (voice: English version)
Kimberly YatesYomiko 'The Paper' Readman (voice: English version)

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6.7 / 10