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The best of the bunch

The good:

The acting and the perfect, satisfying storyline.


In Rocky I, Robert (Rocky) Balboa, a relatively unknown boxer from Philadelphia is struck with extreme luck. Out of all the boxers in the world, the heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, chooses Rocky to fight him for the title. Rocky survives the 15 rounds but loses the fight based on the judges scorecards. Rocky II starts at the 14th round of the fight in Rocky I.

After the fight both Rocky and Apollo are taken to hospital, Apollo makes sure everyone knows Rocky was damn lucky to have survived 15 rounds in the ring with him, and tells the media that he is far superior in every w...


Rocky gets another chance...

The good:

Great performances. Great Acting. Storyline makes perfect sense. More action between Rocky and Apollo Creed than in the first movie.


After a million to one shot, Rocky must prove to the whole world that he wasn't just some lucky bum who survived 15 rounds with the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Because of several hate letters the Champion Apollo Creed received, being accused of fixing the fight and letting Rocky last the 15 rounds, he gets furious. He gets serious and grants Rocky a second opportunity at the richest prize in all the land. Apollo claims Rocky will not get as lucky as he did the last time because the entire world will see the "real" Apollo Creed and proclaims he will destroy Rocky within 2 short round...