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Rocky Balboa review
A breath of fresh air

The good:

It's Rocky, nice storyline, a good way to wrap things up, the modern fight scenes


Everyone (including me) was shocked to hear that a new Rocky was coming out. The question was; could a 59 year old Sylvester Stallone pull it off. I say; yes he bloody well could. The film, to true Rocky fans, is a breath of fresh air. A lovely addition, that in a way, was needed. Especially after the awful Rocky V.

Once again, this film is about going the distance and proving that the last thing to age on somebody is their heart. Rocky Balboa proves that. The film starts by showing us the current world champion, Mason 'The Line' Dixon. It becomes clear to us that there are no other boxers out there that can match him, somehow we get the feeling that the quality of boxing has somewhat gone down. Anyway, we quickly learn that Adrian is unfortunately dead. Rocky is in the graveyard visiting her on the anniversary of her death, Paulie turns up but it's obvious that he's uncomfortable and not used to dealing with things like that. The story goes on and it becomes clear to us that Rocky misses the way things used to be, he pours his heart out to Paulie which ultimately leads to him deciding on boxing again, but what's in store for him was nothing to what he expected.

A computer fight that pits two fighters from different era's shows Rocky beating the current champion. From this, the champions promoter decides he wants to set up a fight between the champion, and Rocky. As we all know, the fight is planned. We once again see Rocky train for the last time, scenes which could even make some people nostalgic. Of course, what's Rocky without the famous stair running scene? So once again, Rocky runs up the stairs of Philadelphia in the snow with his new dog, Punchie.

The fight eventually comes around and it's clear that the champion isn't taking it lightly. In true Rocky style he goes on to survive the 12 rounds, and narrowly loses the fight on the scorecard decision. (On the DVD special features, there's an alternative ending of Rocky winning on the scorecard decision). I'll say it once again, if you're a true Rocky fan, you'll love this film. If you're not, you'll still enjoy it, it's a very inspirational film/series.

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