: : : Return to the Blue Lagoon
===Story=== It took 11 years for the sequel to ''The Blue Lagoon'' to materialize. In the naturalistic, romanticized world conjured by the films, however, one begins where the other ended. Although Emmeline and Richard die at sea, their son is rescued by a passing ship and taken in by widowed mother Sarah (Lisa Pelikan). When the crew comes down with cholera, Sarah leaves the ship with daughter Lilli and Richard Jr. They wash up on a familiar island in the South Pacific--the "blue lagoon" of the earlier film. Sarah raises the urchins as best she can but succumbs to illness after a few years on the island. The story line then echoes that of the original film. The cute kids become attractive teenagers (model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause) and friendship turns to wariness, eventually blossoming into love. That love is tested when they're--finally--granted the opportunity to return to civilization. ''--Kathleen C. Fennessy'' ===DVD Features=== * Theatrical Trailer * Scene Selections * Bonus Trailers * Interactive Menus


Milla JovovichLilli
Brian KrauseRichard
Lisa PelikanSarah Hargrave
Wayne PygramKearney
Todd RipponGullion

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