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===Story=== The Return to Oz is the sequal to Victor Flemings 1939 "The Wizard of Oz" classic. This movie picks up months after the first one left off. Dorothy Gale now played by Fairuza Balk still living with her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em on their farm. There isn't a day or night goes by without Dorothy thinking about the unusual dream she had about a world called "Oz". With trouble sleeping and effecting her daily life, Uncle Henry and Auntie Em bring her to a doctor where they run mental tests, but Dorothy soon escapes from this scary place and wakes up in Oz where suddenly her chicken from the farm can suddenly talk. She searches for her old friends but discovers Oz has been taken over by evil, and that evil goes by the name of Gnome King. Apparently the Gnome King got a hold of the ever powerful Ruby Slippers and has used that magic to destroy the great world of Oz. Upon her return and walking the now broken apart yellow brick road she starts her journey to rescue her friends when she is surrounded by long limbed men with wheels for hands and feet called "Wheelers" but she escapes into a secret room where she meets her new friend and guide Tik-Tok. She learns more about what happend once she left Oz about six months ago, and is ready to restore Emerald City to the way it was. ===DVD Features=== DVD Release Date: August 10, 1999
Interview Feature: Fairuza Returns to Oz


Fairuza BalkDorothy
Nicol WilliamsonDr. Worley / The Nome King
Jean MarshNurse Wilson / Mombi
Piper LaurieAunty Em
Matt ClarkUncle Henry
Michael SundinTik-Tok
Tim RoseTik-Tok
Sean BarrettTik-Tok (voice)
Mak WilsonBillina
Denise BryerBillina (voice)
Brian HensonJack Pumpkinhead (voice)
Stewart LarangeJack Pumpkinhead
Lyle ConwayGump (voice)
Stephen NorringtonGump
Justin CaseScarecrow
John AlexanderCowardly Lion / Wheeler
Deep RoyTin Man
Emma RidleyOzma
Sophie WardMombi II
Fiona VictoryMombi III
Pons MaarLead Wheeler
Pons MaarNome Messenger

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