Resident Evil: Apocalypse review
More original, less interesting


Ah, the inevitable sequel to the movie Resident Evil. I knew from the moment that Alice cocked her shotgun, that there would be a sequel, but I didn't think much about it, and apparently, neither did anyone else. I saw this movie last year, but its still fresh in my mind. Not exactly because it was so good, but because it is the only movie of its kind. Jovovich is back as Alice, and that is the extent to the original cast still intact, unless you count the footage of Matt from the first movie. The story flows smoothly by starting off before the end of the first movie, but from a different perspective, which I thought was unique and a little funky. The special effects were better, the story was more like the traditional zombie flick, where an entire town gets infect. Another thing I noticed was that some parts of the story were really original to the RE series, like Nemesis, and the STAR team.

What ultimately made this movie get a lower score was because I got bored during parts of the film, especially the church scene. How did Alice know exactly when to crash her motorcycle through the glass, and kill that dog mutant? Why was there another character in this movie that had the same role as Alice (Valentine)? That just made parts of the story dumb. As well as the ending, I do believe it was a recreation of a video game ending, but that doesn't cover how bad it was. Overall, this movie is a faithful sequel, but on its own, it fails as a good zombie flick. I still recommend it, because its still watchable despite its fallacies.

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