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How many video game movies are there, anyway? Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy, Alone in the Dark, and Pokemon. I can honestly say that all the movies that I just mentioned sucked gigantic pixelated balls. They each made their own "original" story in, and the only thing recognizable is the character. Resident Evil doesn't do that. Not only does the entire story revolve around Raccoon City and the Umbrella corp, but it was genuinely creepy at parts. Milla Jovovich isn't the best actress, or the most attractive, but I felt that she fit the role of Alice well. As for the other actors, they all had pretty minor roles, although they did well also. And to finish it off, the costume design for all the special ops and zombies were really well done.

Alright, I know that this story isn't exactly how the video game went, but it was interesting enough to keep me hooked. The action is constant, as well as the blood and gore. The laser scene was just sickening, and the same with when the zombies eat a human alive. And there were some shocking moments, like when the zombie girl rose out of the water, or when the zombies swarm the special ops team. Overall, this movie did a good job at what it was supposed to be, which was a mindless action movie.

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