: : : Rendition
===Story=== Reese Witherspoon stars as Isabella El-Ibrahimi, the American wife of Egyptian-born chemical engineer Anwar El-Ibrahimi (Omar Metwally) who disappears on a flight from South Africa to Washington. Isabella desperately tries to track her husband down, while a CIA analyst (Gyllenhaal) at a secret detention facility outside the U.S. is forced to question his assignment as he becomes party to the man's unorthodox interrogation.


Jake GyllenhaalDouglas Freeman
Reese WitherspoonIsabella Fields El-Ibrahimi
Meryl StreepCorrine Whitman
Alan ArkinSenator Hawkins
Peter SarsgaardAlan Smith
Omar MetwallyAnwar El-Ibrahimi
Igal NaorAbasi Fawal
J.K. SimmonsLee Mayer
Bob GuntonLars Whitman

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8.8 / 10