The first animated feature for longtime special effects company Industrial Light & Magic stars Johnny Depp as Rango, an oridinary chameleon who accidentally finds his way to the town of Dirt. It is a lawless outpost in the Wild West that is in desperate need of a new sheriff. It's up to Rango to try and restore order and save the town from the outlaws and restore peace in this portion of the Wild West.

DVD Features


Johnny DeppRango / Lars (voice)
Isla FisherBeans (voice)
Abigail BreslinPriscilla (voice)
Ned BeattyMayor (voice)
Alfred MolinaRoadkill (voice)
Bill NighyRattlesnake Jake (voice)
Stephen RootDoc / Merrimack / Mr. Snuggles (voice)
Harry Dean StantonBalthazar (voice)
Timothy OlyphantSpirit of the West (voice)
Ray WinstoneBad Bill (voice)
Ian AbercrombieAmbrose (voice)
Gil BirminghamWounded Bird (voice)
James Ward ByrkitWaffles / GordyPapa / Joad / Cousin Murt / Curlie Knife Attacker / Rodent Kid (voice)
Claudia BlackAngelique (voice)
Blake ClarkBuford (voice)

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