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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

===Story=== In 1936, in the Peruvian jungle, archaeologist Indiana Jones braves several booby traps to retrieve the Hovito Idol from an ancient temple. After escaping a rolling boulder, he finds rival archaeologist Rene Belloq waiting outside the cave with a small group of Hovitos, the local natives. Surrounded and outnumbered, Jones is forced to give up the artifact to Belloq, but he escapes. Back at the college where he teaches, Jones meets with two Army intelligence agents. They explain that the Nazis, in their quest to gain occult power, are searching for Abner Ravenwood, Jones' former mentor. Ravenwood is the foremost expert on the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis, which has been rediscovered by the Nazis and is believed to be the location of the Ark of the Covenant, the chest the Israelites built to hold the Ten Commandments. Jones surmises that the Nazis seek Ravenwood because he possesses the headpiece to the Staff of Ra, a key artifact which is essential in calculating the Ark's resting place. His colleague Marcus Brody explains that, according to legend, the power of the Ark can make any army invincible. ===DVD Features=== * Color * English


Harrison FordIndiana Jones
Karen AllenMarion Ravenwood
Paul FreemanDr. René Belloq
Ronald LaceyMajor Arnold Toht
John Rhys-DaviesSallah
Denholm ElliottDr. Marcus Brody
Alfred MolinaSatipo
Wolf KahlerColonel Dietrich
Anthony HigginsGobler
Vic TablianBarranca
Don FellowsCol. Musgrove
William HootkinsMajor Eaton
George HarrisKatanga

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