: : : Quantum Leap - The Pilot Episode

Quantum Leap - The Pilot Episode

===Story=== The only flaw with the release of ''Quantum Leap'''s original pilot (a.k.a. "Genesis") is that the end leaves you wanting another episode... at least. (The intelligent, funny, and often touching series aired five seasons between 1989 and 1993, and was later syndicated on the Sci-Fi Channel.) The pilot is a reminder of how entertaining television can be when the writing is smart and the right actors possess the charisma to carry a show from week to week. As Sam Beckett (get it?), a brilliant scientist who's caught in a time machine nightmare--he spent five seasons bouncing from body to body, righting many of history's mistakes and trying to get, er, back to the future--Scott Bakula blends just the right mixture of confusion, frustration, and heroic self-parody. Dean Stockwell, as Al, Sam's oversexed colleague who now appears as a hologram image and Sam's guiding spirit, is always fun to watch, especially when he lands such a juicy role as this. In this pilot, Sam first steps into the time machine in 1995 and suddenly awakes in 1956 as Tom Stratton, a married Air Force test pilot who's getting ready to break the Mach 3 barrier. As Sam tries to piece his memory back together, Al informs him that Tom originally perished during the experiment, and that to get back, he must make sure he breaks the barrier safely. The only catch is that Sam has never flown a plane before. ''Quantum Leap'''s climax is both surprising and moving--a testament, perhaps, to how the series managed to survive for so long without becoming stale. For those who've never seen the show, this is a perfect introduction. ''--Dave McCoy''


Scott BakulaDr. Sam Beckett
Dean StockwellAdmiral Al Calavicci
Jennifer RunyonPeggy Stratton
John Allen NelsonCapt. Bill 'Bird Dog' Birdell
W.K. StrattonDr. Berger
Newell AlexanderJohn Beckett
Lee de BrouxCoach
Larry PoindexterCapt. Tony LaMott
Bruce McGillWeird Ernie
Amanda Horan KennedyTina
David TrentCaptain Doug Walker
James F. DeanDr. Blaustein
Lela IveyLucy
Dennis WolfbergGooshie
Lydia CornellSally
Christine PoorJeanie
Doug CoxSportscaster
Christian Van DornMikey Stratton
Hank RobinsonUmpire
Patrick CranshawOld Man
Brent ChalemBat Boy
Adam LoganYoung Sam Beckett
Mike GreenwoodMatt
Dave DuensingClyde
David P. DawsonBarnes
Kevin JohnsonPepper
Ken MartinTim Fox
Layne BeamerTom Stratton
Bob SmithBuffalo Bob Smith (archive footage)
Dean DentonCaptain Tom Jarret (uncredited)
Darren VanCleefTeacher (uncredited)
Jamie WaltersYoung Max (uncredited)

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