: : : Pushing Daisies - The Complete Second Season

Pushing Daisies - The Complete Second Season

===Story=== The plot thickens with a delicious mix of secrets and mysteries in Season Two of Pushing Daisies. Olive Snook (Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth) joins a convent in order to keep Lily's (Emmy winner Swoosie Kurtz) secret about Chuck's (Anna Friel) real birth mother. Chuck becomes more independent and moves out of Ned's (Lee Pace) apartment. Ned learns he has identical twin half-brothers and also receives news of his estranged father. Detective Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) secretly yearns for his long lost daughter. Chuck does her best to dodge her aunts, Lily and Vivian (Tony Award nominee Ellen Greene), who don't know she's alive. Meanwhile, Lily and Vivian wrangle over a mystery man. During Season Two, the group's murder-solving escapades take them to the most unlikely places to solve some of the weirdest cases, including a honey-based cosmetics company where a spokesmodel is found stung to death; a circus where people keep turning up dead; a convent where a truffle-savvy nun is murdered; a Dim Sum restaurant that serves up illegal gambling; a magic castle whose main attraction dies during his act and even a lighthouse to investigate the death of its keeper. Originally created by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Heroes), Pushing Daisies follows the whimsical story of Ned, a handsome, wistful pie maker who can resuscitate the dead with his touch. ===DVD Features=== *The Master Pie Maker - Hop into creator Bryan Fuller's mind to discover the inner secrets of Pushing Daisies! *From Oven to Table - Follow the production challenges of taking one of Bryan Fuller's script ideas, involving a lighthouse and an egg, and crafting it into reality. *Secret Sweet Ingredients - Learn how composer Jim Dooley's music shapes a scene in ways most viewers aren't even aware of. *Add a Little Magic - Watch the visual effects team bring a 2-ton rhino to life and learn about the challenges of executing a scene to rival Jumanji!


Lee PaceNed
Anna FrielCharlotte 'Chuck' Charles
Chi McBrideEmerson Cod
Jim DaleNarrator
Ellen GreeneVivian Charles
Swoosie KurtzLily Charles
Kristin ChenowethOlive Snook
Missi PyleBetty Bee
French StewartWoolsey Nicholls
Rachael HarrisGeorgeann Heaps
Graham McTavishHansel Von Getz
Michael HitchcockFather Eduardo Dedonde
David ArquetteRandy Mann
Hayes MacArthurBuddy Amicus
Stephen RootDwight Dixon
Fred WillardThe Great Herrmann
Paul F. TompkinsGunther Pinker
Kerri KenneyAlexandria
Tim BagleyColonel Likkin
Patrick FischlerThe Waffle Nazi
Beth GrantMarianne Marie Beattle
Eric StonestreetLeo Burns
David KoechnerMerle McQuoddy
Mary Kay PlaceAnnabelle Vandersloop
Orlando JonesMagnus Olsdatter
George SegalRoy 'Buster' Bustamante
Willie GarsonDick Dicker
Constance ZimmerCoco Juniper
Fred WilliamsonRoland 'Rollie' Stingwell
Gina TorresLila Robinson
Wendie MalickCoral Ramora
Nora DunnBlanche Ramora
Michael McDonaldGalveston Gus
Joey SlotnickJimmy Neptune
Josh HopkinsShane Trickle

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