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Puni Puni Poemy review
Lewd, Crude, and Extremely Silly


As you might imagine by looking at the packaging, this anime was obviously created by people who have some major screws loose...those people being the same nuts behind the "Quack Experimental Anime" <i>Excel Saga</i>. thus there are plenty of ridiculous jokes and outtakes throughout.<br>Oh yeah, there's a story behind it all: Poemi Watanabe is a young girl who dreams of becoming a voice actress when she grows up. But when her father (the director aka Nabeshin from Excel Saga) is killed, Poemi is left on her own until taken in by 7 sisters with different personalities, and Poemi's closest girlfriend, who is madly in love with her. Things get even crazier when she's given a dead fish that hides secret magical powers, transforming Poemi into the superheroine Puni Puni Poemy so she can save the world, hopefully before she misses her big voice audition.<br>Obviously the first thing you'll notice is that this title tries its best to be like Excel Saga in terms of humor, silliness, and cheap fanservice, and there's plenty of all 3. There aren't too many other places where you'd see a guy with an afro launching mini-afro heads for a special attack or 7 sisters with constant personality clashes whose primary purposes are fanservice and listening to their 3-year-old sister's voice of reason.<br>There's really nothing to hate unless 2 episodes is not enough for you or you can't stand silly fanservice scenes and spoofing Excel Saga at every possible chance. It's raised the bar for silliness in anime again. Put the kiddies to bed early and enjoy this one, and turn the volume up so you can hear the dialogue over your laughing!

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