Pulp Fiction review
You won't know the facts until you see the fiction.

The good:

  • Stylish, funny dialogue
  • Completely original
  • Three stories about one story
  • Two hours and a half, the longer the better
  • An awesome blend of drama, crime, comedy and daily life
  • Excellent performances (which also helped John Travolta's career after that long slump) by Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth and everyone else
  • Basically flawless

    The bad:

  • The only thing bad here is that it ain't longer; I'd've loved for them to make the movie longer because the movie was perfect


    Pulp Fiction as you may or may not know, was and is the most influential movie of the 90s. Whew, all those movies in the 90s were great. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump. Although Forrest Gump won the Best Picture Oscar, I'm pretty sure if there had have been a tie, it would have been between that movie and this masterpiece. Pulp Fiction is known for its dialogue that packs its punches. Pulp Fiction is a story about three stories about one story. Jules & Vincent (I consider the Bonnie Situation and The Diner to be part of this), Vincent and Marsellus Wallace's Wife and the Watch. Not only does this have one of the greatest ensemble of actors and actresses, it holds more perks such as the greatest four-minute cameo appearance by one of the coolest actors today, Christopher Walken. John Travolta and Samuel Jackson play hitmen for Marsellus Wallace played by Ving Rhames. Uma Thurman plays his wife, Mia Wallace. I'm not gonna spill some spoilers for you guys reading this review but let's just say there are two things Marsellus and Mia are never gonna tell each other after the events of the entire movie. Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer play two bandits in a diner fighting over where (or what) they should rob next. Onto my full review.

    Script - 9 / 10

      The script and dialogue of this movie was like no other. It breaks the ice; the witty dialogue has lines that are funny but unneeded. I mean, what do hitmen really talk about before killing three guys? Hamburgers and fries in other countries? Do YOU know what they call a Quarter-Pounder with cheese in Paris? NO! Wanna know? They call it a Royale with cheese. Don't YOU hate uncomfortable silences? I sure do. The knockout punch lines stretches from a soldier and his friend sticking a watch up their butts to a loving husband asking hitmen if there's a sign outside his house says 'Dead *bleep* Storage'. Trust me, the script will blow you away.

    Plot(s) - 10 / 10
      The plots in the story are very original and creative. From a standing point, there seems to be no 'main character' of the movie but the though-it-seems 'main character' is none other than Marsellus Wallace. He seems to be in all stories as a very important man. The plots in this story as said above are 'Vincent and Marsellus Wallace's Wife' the shortest of the segments; 'Jules & Vincent/The Bonnie Situation/The Diner'; and 'The Watch' featuring Christopher Walken. 'Vincent and Marsellus Wallace's Wife' deals with Vincent from the first story taking Mia Wallace, Marsellus Wallace's wife, out on a date to make sure she doesn't get lonely which soon evolves into a great big mess. The three-in-one segment deals with Jules, Vincent, Pumpkin, Honey Bunny, Jimmie and a problem-solver by the name of The Wolf. The Watch deals with Butch Coolidge, played by Bruce Willis, who recieves a watch from a man named Captain Koons and later, his wife loses it which leads to a stunt where Butch returns to his ditched house (he is currently being hunted by Marsellus due to him backstabbing him by winning the boxing match). After that, he grabs the watch in his abandoned place and leaves. While waiting for the traffic lights, Marsellus happens to be crossing the street. MOTHER****ER! Butch rams into him and they end up chasing each other. After that, Butch enters a pawnshop and it all goes downhill after that. That's all I'm gonna say about this story because the climax of the story is so full of pulp, you can taste it.

    Actors - 9 / 10
      The actors in this movie make this movie what it is. You don't just have to have a perfect script and then make a couple of n00bs say them but you need a good actor to say the lines. After watching this movie, you'll think to yourself that noone could've played the role better than the actor who did. I liked the whole 'How would you like to meet the guy who got your part in Reservoir Dogs?' persuasion by Quentin to Samuel L. Jackson, referring to Tim Roth who played Mr. Orange. That's about it about the actors.

    Music - 8 / 10
      The music in the film fits the very theme of the movie itself. My favorite being the Al Green song 'Let's Stay Together'. The theme song to Pulp Fiction is enough to give anyone the hype of watching such a pulpy movie. Not much to say now about the music.

    9 + 10 + 9 + 8 = 36 divided by 4 = 9 divided by 2 = 4.5

    I hoped you liked my review. I just want to say that Pulp Fiction is by far one of the greatest movies in history.

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