: : : Prom Night
===Story=== When it comes to an expressive set of lungs for horror, it's hard to match Jamie Lee Curtis, who set the standard for nonstop screaming in ''Halloween''. She built her reputation as a scream queen in such subsequent outings as ''The Fog'', ''Terror Train'', and this similarly themed and relatively subpar horror outing. A progenitor of ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'', this film focuses on four high school friends on prom night who are being stalked by a masked maniac seeking revenge for a death that occurred six years earlier. Guess who lives to tell the tale? ''--Marshall Fine'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *HiFi Sound *Widescreen


Leslie NielsenMr. Hammond
Jamie Lee CurtisKim
Antoinette BowerMrs. Hammond
Jeff WincottDrew
George TouliatosMcBride
Elizabeth M. MasonAdele

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3.3 / 10