===Story=== Junior and his dad relocate to a town with an overabundant supply of single women. Junior resorts to his naughty tricks to survive and protect his dad from the clutches of the town's kid-hating millionairess, all the while creating havoc about town with the help of the town's other pint-sized terror, Trixie. ===VHS Features=== * Surround Stereo * Dolby Surround * Stereo * Closed Captioned


John RitterBen Healy
Michael OliverJunior Healy
Jack Warden'Big' Ben Healy
Laraine NewmanLawanda Dumore
Amy YasbeckAnnie Young
Ivyann SchwanTrixie Young
Gilbert GottfriedMr. Peabody
Paul WillsonSmith
Alan BlumenfeldAron Burger
Zach GrenierVoytek

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