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Only Anime I've ever seen


An animated movie in today's world will not generate business unless the name "Disney" is attached to it. Things are vastly different in Japan, where anime reigns supreme. Anime is the style prevalent in Japanese cartoons. Unlike Disney movies, anime movies may not necessarily be targeted towards kids. There is much violence, and sometimes, nudity and sex. There is no stigma about cartoons being for children only, which allows for complex stories and well thought out characterizations. The large eyes, which many people dislike, are used to better convey emotion. This film was so popular in Japan that the only film to outgross it thus far is been Titanic.

This movie is truly a wondrous spectacle, full of beautiful imagery possible only by someone with limitless imagination. Everything from the little Komoda, the spirits of the forest, to the majestic transformation of the Night Walker. The world that Miyazaki created is an amazing place, caught between the opposing worlds of magic and science. The forest gods are not cute talking animals, they are large and fierce, while retaining a sense of nobility. Princess Mononoke is definitely something unique, and is well worth a screening.

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