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===Story=== Los Angeles, a city of over 10 million inhabitants, is fabled the world over for a flashy landscape punctuated by the promise of fame and glamour. But beneath the tabloid headlines and the flashing bulbs lies a city whose people clamor every day to simply find a place for themselves. In Powder Blue, four people embark on different journeys that lead them through the same place. A place where loneliness abounds and everything wrings the heart, but where truths are revealed and human connections are found. Charlie Bishop, a former priest, has lost his faith and sets out on an unspeakable mission. He struggles to free himself of his religious training and ethical beliefs, which have become profoundly ingrained in his physical and emotional existence. He loads two bullets into a gun, and with fifty thousand dollars in the trunk of his car, roams the city streets searching for someone desperate enough to pull the trigger in exchange for the money. But even desperation is finite, and there are lines that even those who live on the periphery won�t cross. On the other side of town, a former hit-man drifts in an out of consciousness on a city bus. Jack Doheny, recently released from a twenty-five year sentence in prison, has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Knowing that any breath could be his last, he sets out to find redemption in a now unfamiliar world where the only familiar things are faded mementos of a past love found through a young woman named Rose-Johnny. Like thousands before and after her, Rose-Johnny moved to L.A. with dreams of becoming a screen star. But her dreams are crushed when her son falls into a coma after a serious accident. She lives alone in a motel and out of desperation and need, dances at a bar to cover the staggering hospital bills. Her only prayer is that her son will awake, and her only comfort is her beloved dog Rudy. One night, after another awkward and unsuccessful date, she returns to the motel to find her dog missing. Grief stricken and panicked at the thought of losing everything, she combs the streets searching for her lost companion. Meanwhile, Charlie the priest encounters Qwerty Doolittle, a young eccentric mortician who spends his days helping the less fortunate in their time of need. Qwerty�s unusual empathy and charitable tendencies have put him in serious debt and in grave danger of losing his business. With Charlie�s gun and offer of money, Qwerty has a decision to make that could change his life forever. Fate and synchronicity cause these four strangers to intersect through extraordinary and serendipitous circumstances. Even in a city that shatters dreams as casually as it fulfills them, fear and courage can slip open a door to the one thing everybody in any city dreams of finding� love ===DVD Features===


Jessica BielRose-Johnny
Eddie RedmayneQwerty Doolittle
Forest WhitakerCharlie
Ray LiottaJack Doheny
Lisa KudrowSally
Patrick SwayzeVelvet Larry
Kris KristoffersonRandall
Alejandro RomeroLexus
Sanaa LathanDiana
Chandler CanterburyBilly
Jeffery A. BakerSlim
Navid NegahbanDoctor Brooks
Ravi PatelSanjay
Billy WirthDavid
L. Scott CaldwellNurse Gomez
Riki LindhomeNicole

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