: : : Polanski Unauthorized
===Story=== This is an epic, surreal portrait of Roman Polanski, the first and only of its kind. Spanning over four decades, no stone is unturned, as the film covers everything in an in-depth look, from his childhood in war-torn Poland, the murder of his wife Sharon Tate and the infamous rape case in Los Angeles that led Polanski to flee to France to avoid extradition. The characters and events that have shaped Roman's world are right there on the screen unapologetically and packed with emotion and honesty, albeit not chronologically, leaving an end result to leave the audience talking about a man whose life is as enigmatic and tragic as they come. ===DVD Features===


Damian ChapaRoman Polanski
Leah Grimsson13-year-old Girl
Tom DruilihetAnton LaVey
Brienne De BeauSharon Tate
Silvia SuvadovaBula Polanski
Christian SerritielloRyszard Polanski
Charles Arthur BergBryan Hobbs
Pierre ChemalyWilliam A. Fraker
Dana FaresNurse Burdette
Victor GironeDouglas Dalton
Kathleen GregorySusan Atkins
Madla HruzaWardrobe lady
Derek JohnsonReporter 1
Jeff LangtonFrankie Carbo
Tim MarsTime Magazine Journalist
Rober McAteeHugh Hefner
Jeff McCrediePhil Van Natter
Ion MujGerman Soldier
Arthur PatchingPolish Farmer
Charles PowerFrank Sinatra
Monica RamonM - Spanish woman
Paul James SaundersEugene Gatowski
Elena TalanMia Farrow
Kerry WinchesterMartin Ransohoff

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