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In this thrilling Pokémon film, Ash and friends encounter a legendary, magical meteorite that contains Jirachi, who makes wishes come true. Stories say that every 1000 years, a strange meteorite will fall to earth, bringing with it Jirachi. During a magic show, May's younger brother Max sees the meteorite on display, and hears Jirachi calling to him from the inside! As the heroes sing a special song to release Jirachi, the magician Butler begins a plan to harness Jirachi's power for his own evil purposes.

DVD Features

  • English 5.1 Language
  • English Closed Captions
  • EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Pokémon Short
  • "Make A Wish" Music Video "Gotta Dance" Short
  • Message From The Director Mr. Yuyama
  • Set-Top Trivia Game
  • Pokémon Artwork Gallery
  • Original Artwork


Veronica TaylorAsh Ketchum / May (Voices: English Version)
Eric StuartBrock / James / Absol / Hippie / Breloom / Nuzleaf / Linoone / Magma Scientist #1 (Voices: English Version)
Madeline BlausteinMeowth / Magma Scientist #2 (Voices: English Version)
Rachael LillisJessie / Torchic (Voices: English Version)
Amy BirnbaumMax (Voice: English Version)
Megan HollingsheadDiane (Voice: English Version)
Kerry WilliamsJirachi (Voice: English Version)
Ikue OotaniPikachu (Voice, All Versions)
Tara JayneKirlia (Voice: English Version)
Katsuyuki KonishiGroudon (Voice)
Andrew PaullCandy Salesman (Voice: English Version)
Mike PollockNarrator (Voice: English Version)
Kayzie RogersWobbuffet (Voice: English Version)

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