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Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior

===Story=== The film begins with Shaymin by an oasis, as Dialga appears. It drinks from the water, before being attacked by Giratina from the Reverse World (rumored to be the "Distortion World"). The angered Giratina comes through a portal, grabbing Dialga and dragging it into the Reverse World. Shaymin gets caught in a whirlwind and is sucked through the portal, too. Dialga and Giratina fight, while Shaymin tries to survive - unnoticed by the giants - the battle. A adventurous-looking man with a Shieldon watches the battles from afar, spotting Shaymin. There are also glimpses of a computer simulation observing the battle, on the ship of Zero. Zero is the film's villain, who seems to be watching Giratina with the aim of capturing it.
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  • Genre: Anime Movies
  • Theme(s): Fantasy, Family, Children's
  • Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
  • Producer: OLM Inc.
  • Length: 100 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaFeb 13, 2009
    JapanJul 19, 2008
  • Ratings
    North AmericaG
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaMar 31, 2009
    JapanDec 19, 2008
  • Also known as:
  • Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin in Japan
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