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Plastic Little review
A too-short, fan-friendly thrill ride


If you've seen magazine print ads that ADV put out for this title, namely take the girls of this movie and put them in somewhat revealing swimsuits, you know they use serious fanservice to sell this title...and they certainly back that up to a degree here. First the storyline: It's not-so-typical Sci-fi-the main character, Captain Tita, is a intergalactic ship captain who doubles as a pet shop hunter...you don't see one of those every day. On one particular trip she runs into this girl named Elysse, who's on the run from the millitary because she possesses a vital code they need, so it's up to Tita to protect her.
Although there's plenty of action, fanservice is clearly the order of the day here: ADV chose this title to debut their "Jiggle Counter" DVD extra, which does just that-every time the girls jiggle/bounce, a counter appears on screen assuming you have the correct subtitle setting on, plus there's a nice long fanservice sequence to keep the guys happy and clutching those tissues.
The one thing I didn't like about this title was it's rather short-at only 50 minutes there's not a lot of time for action and playing out all the elements. It also makes the ending feel rushed and incomplete.
While this title falls short of must-have, it's still a good way to kill an hour if you're looking for some different sci-fi thrills.

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