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Riddick is a bad character


Compared to other films in its genre, Pitch Black is actually pretty good, which does not say much when compared to other movies. The premise, again, is simple. Bunch of people. Monsters. People die. There are actually some decent actors here, Rahda Mitchell and Vin Diesel, just putting in the prerequisite movie notches that they can later be ashamed of.

The rest of the movie is a desperate race in the dark to escape the aliens, which look like a cross between hammerhead sharks and something from Aliens. This portion of the movie is almost completely dark, except for small flashes of light surrounding the main players. They discover that the creatures are vulnerable to light, so they try to envelop themselves with flashlights and such. As predictable as Pitch Black is, it actually manage to inject some suspense into the story, along with the typical crumbling group dynamic. Diesel also serves as the driving force behind the movie, buffness and gravel-voiced one liners. The movie falters by trying to take itself seriously, but otherwise can be enjoyed for what it is.

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