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If only it wasn't Disney


The last time Disney decided to make a movie based upon a theme park ride yielded The Country Bears, a strange, strange movie. Luckily, things are much better this time with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, a rousing pirate epic. This is the first time that Disney has released a PG-13 rated film under their Walt Disney Pictures imprints, ratings like these usually go to Touchstone. So how well did the ride transform into the film? Aside from the name and a few sly references, the two have little in common, which is probably a good thing.

Pirates also has a sense of fun...


Best movie I've ever seen!


This movie is way too funny!
And if you like Johnny Depp you'll love him even more.
If you don't like Johnny Depp, well after watching this movie you'll love him!
If you are looking for some scary movie, don't watch this. There is nothing scary about this movie.

If you wanna try out your stereo system that supports Dolby 5.1 this is good movie for that. Sound are amazing.
I will give to the sound 5/5
If you already have watched this movie, I can tell you that windows almost broke sometimes!!! So really good sound!

So this movie is good savvy?


Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

The good:

Oh wow, where do I start? Such wonderful characters, brought to life through equally brilliant acting skills. Fabulous plot line and graphics. And soooo funny! Johnny Depp really steals the film as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The bad:

Bad? BAD?!?! BAD is certianly not a good word to describe this movie. There is nothing bad about it in the slightest.


The Pirates of the Caribbean is without a doubt the best film I have seen in ages.


Meh! Family Fun Ahoy!


Johnny Depp does it again! Is there a part he can't play? Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate who goes along with Orlando Bloom to rescue Keira Knightley who have been captured by dead zombie like pirates.

Depp comes into the calm town that is eventually attacked by pirates of the ship Black Pearl. Keira Knightley carries a gold medallion which the pirates need to get rid of their evil curse (which is them turning into zombies when they hit the moonlight). Bloom needs Depp's help to go after Knightley.

The directors did a great job not over doing it with overblown action sequences. The...