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===Story=== Pop idol singer Mima Kirigoe looks forward to a bright new career after she quits her chart-topping trio to become an actress. But when she accepts a role in a sexually charged murder mystery TV series, someone is not happy with her decision. Mima's life begins to change as she is threatened with disturbing phone calls, faxes and e-mails from a mysterious source. She also discovers alarming web sites describing intimate details and pictures of her new public persona. As she descends into a dangerous state of paranoia, helpless and afraid, some of her associates are now murdered by the enigmatic stalker. Reality and delusion merge into a terrifying world as Mima's innocence is lost and her dreams become nightmares. Will she be next? In the tradition of great suspense masters, director Satoshi Kon (Memories/Millenium Actress), special advisor Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Madhouse Studios (Ninja Scroll), bring Yoshikazu Takeuchi's thrilling suspense novel to the screen, in a tour de force that brings animation to a bold new level. A brilliant psychological thriller which breaks the mold of anime films, Perfect Blue was conceived in 1993 when Yoshikazu Takeuchi (Author) and Koichi Okamoto (Original Producer) approached Rex Entertainment with a 90-minute live-action video project based on Takeuchi's novel. Production was delayed during early 1994 due to the Kobe earthquake and the decision to animate the film was made. However, given the unique nature of the project it was agreed to employ the best names currently working in the industry. Okamoto and Takeuchi employed Hiroaki Inoue as line producer, who in turn approached Madhouse Studios with the project. Although skeptical of what he initially described as "no more than a reckless idea", Masao Maruyama (Mad House, CEO) was inspired by the passion of both producer and author and decided to back the project. Word of the forthcoming production reached Katsuhiro Otomo who had previously illustrated Takeuchi's work. Otomo read the script and suggested that Satoshi Kon (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Roujin Z); a supervisor on his latest project (Memories) should direct the feature. Perfect Blue premiered at the 'Fant-Asia Film Festival' where it proved an instant hit. Its initial screening sold out within 30 minutes and two further shows were scheduled in order to meet public demand. As a result, Perfect Blue was awarded the Public prize for 'Best Asian Film'. The impressive imagery within the film found it's way into both Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream (2000) and Madonna's 2001 Drowned World concert tour. ===DVD Features=== *Interview with Director Satoshi Kon *Voice-Actor Interviews *Image Gallery *Behind the Scenes Performances *English Version of the Theme Song *Original Theatrical Trailer *Manga Previews


Junko Iwao
Steve Jay Blum

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