===Story=== You don't have to be a baseball lover to appreciate this funny, touching story of minor-league ball and major-league dreams. ''Pastime'' is the most realistic depiction of the nonglamour side of sports as played by the people who seem to love it the most. William Russ stars as an aging pitcher, now in his 40s, who only got to pitch once in the majors. Still hanging on in the minors in the late 1950s, he can't believe his career could be over. Ridiculed for his enthusiasm by his much-younger teammates, he befriends the team's outcast, a young black pitcher (Glenn Plummer) with a cannon for an arm, and imparts what wisdom he has to offer. A movie that will make you ask: Why isn't Russ a star? ''--Marshall Fine''


John AchornCal
Troy EvansArt
Ricky Paull GoldinHahn
Kathryn KatesEthel
Peter MurnikSimmons
Deirdre O'ConnellInez Brice
Scott PlankRandy Keever
Glenn PlummerTyrone Debray
Reed RudySpicer
William RussRoy Dean Bream
Charles StranskyElton
Jeffrey TamborPeter LaPorte
Charles TynerArnold
Noble WillinghamClyde Bigby

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