: : : Outlaw Star: Collection 3

Outlaw Star: Collection 3

===Story=== Gene and the crew of the Outlaw Star are now very close to solving the mystery of the Galactic Leyline. But there are a few more obstacles in their path. Danger, despair, heartbreak, and a trip to the resort planet Tenrei lie in wait as they solve the final pieces of the puzzle and make their way to the Leyline. The remaining members of the Anten Seven are still out to kill Gene, and the MacDougall brothers are still after Melfina. Now, the sinister mastermind behind all of these other forces will be revealed, and the crew of the Outlaw Star will have to fight him not only for their very lives or the treasure of the Leyline, but for the fate of the Universe! Episodes: 19. Law and Lawlessness
20. Cats and Girls and Space Ships
21. Grave of the Dragon
22. Gravity Jailbreak
23. Hot Springs Planet Tenrei
24. Cutting the Galactic Leyline
25. The Maze of Despair
26. Return to Space ===DVD Features=== *Animated *Color *Full Screen *NTSC


Ayako Kawasumi
Yuko Miyamura
Yuri Sa

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