: : : North
===Story=== North is just a normal 11-year-old boy. Other than that he is a super baseball player, is the best in Geography and doesn't look bad on the stage in his school either. He's just the star of the school. Everyone admires him, except his parents. At dinner his father tells how good he is at trying on trousers and judge them, while mother admires him for that but at the same time tells that she also has a hard job at the Travel Agency. This goes on and on and North is forgotten. This gives him a hard time - his own parents treat him like that. ===DVD Features=== Making of, Deleted Scenes


Elijah WoodNorth
Jason AlexanderNorth's Dad
Julia Louis-DreyfusNorth's Mom
Marc ShaimanPiano Player
Jussie SmollettAdam
Taylor FryZoe
Alana AustinSarah
Bruce WillisNarrator
Jon LovitzArthur Belt
Alan ArkinJudge Buckle
Dan AykroydPa Tex
Reba McEntireMa Tex
Lauren TomMrs. Ho
Graham GreeneAlaskan Dad
Kathy BatesAlaskan Mom
Abe VigodaAlaskan Grandpa
Richard BelzerBarker
John RitterWard Nelson
Scarlett JohanssonLaura Nelson

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