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===Story=== A sequel to 2002's cult film "Suicide Club", "Noriko's Dinner Table" tells the compelling tale of the collapse and reconstruction of family life. The story follows Noriko Shimabara (Fukiishi), a seemingly unhappy teenager who lives with her mother, father, and younger sister. To escape reality, Noriko begins to regularly visit an internet site, where she begins to chat with other girls just like her. One of the girls, known only by the title "Ueno54", persuades Noriko to runaway to Tokyo so they can meet in person. Noriko willingly accepts and escapes to Tokyo, wherein she meets the real person behind the mysterious Ueno54 and learns her true name — Kumiko (Tsugumi). What Noriko soon discovers is that Kumiko operates a "Family Circle" program, which specializes in taking in young girls and giving them new personalities and families ... ===DVD Features=== - Making of - Cast interviews - Premiere footage - Talk event - 2005 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
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