: : : Noein Volume 4


Haruka's visits into the past almost result in her getting stuck there. Then later, as she sets out to attend the wedding of her best friend's parents she is stopped by Kosagi, who intends to finish what she started before until Karasu interrupts and battles her.

Haruka also has her own personal battle, as she struggles to cope with the concept of fading memories and questions existence itself. As memories of her grandmother fade, and meeting an old friend that doesn't recognise her, Haruka is forced to face these problems, especially as Shangri-la makes its next move.

DVD Features

  • On Location with Japanese Voice Actor and Director (Part 3)
  • Still Gallery
  • Storyboard to Screen


    Melissa FahnHaruka
    Crispin FreemanKarasu
    Yuri LowenthalYuu
    Eddie FriersonAtori
    Bryce PapenbrookIsami Fujiwara
    Dorothy FahnAi Hasebe, Amamiku
    Cindy RobinsonKosagi, Ryoko Uchida
    Richard EpcarKyouji Koriyama, Noein
    Lara CodyLily, Miho Mukai, Tobi

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