: : : Noein Volume 3
===Story=== Conflicts arise both between present and future friends. Yuu and Isami clash over Yuu's decision to study at Tokyo. Meanwhile Karasu and Fukurou are se to fight over their own disagreement over the Dragon Torque. Haruka forsees a fatal outcome to the battle but doesn't know where the pair are, leading to a desparate struggle to locate them before it is too late. Karasu is injured badly afterwards and help comes from the most unlikely source. Meanwhile Haruka continues to learn more about her powers and uses them to go back to the point of her parents' splitting apart, but every possible outcome seems to result in the same path as she comes to terms that changing the course of fate is not so easy. ===DVD Features=== * On Location with Japanese Voice Actor and Director Part 3 * Photo Gallery * Storyboard to Screen * Trailers


Melissa FahnHaruka
Crispin FreemanKarasu
Yuri LowenthalYuu
Eddie FriersonAtori
Bryce PapenbrookIsami Fujiwara
Dorothy FahnAi Hasebe, Amamiku
Cindy RobinsonKosagi, Ryoko Uchida
Richard EpcarKyouji Koriyama, Noein
Lara CodyLily, Miho Mukai, Tobi

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