: : : Noein Volume 2
===Story=== Saved from death by Karasu, Haruka finds herself taken to the future world of La'cryma, where she learns the details of the war against Shangri-La and the traumatic role they intend for her. She manages to trick the guards and escape the complex and, after mingling with the public, manages to make it to the surface which bears echoes to her world. The forces of La'cryma take her back and attempt to continue their plan regardless, but Karasu makes his choice and saves Haruka, fleeing back to her world. Haruka begins to learn about the powers she possesses and tries to learn how to actively use them, all the while other figures continue their attempts to further their own goals. Meanwhile Haruka still has to deal with her personal life, including the upsets of her friend's life, Yuu. ===DVD Features=== * On Location with Japanese Voice Actor and Director Part 2 * Still Gallery * Original Japanese Trailers


Melissa FahnHaruka
Crispin FreemanKarasu
Yuri LowenthalYuu
Eddie FriersonAtori
Bryce PapenbrookIsami Fujiwara
Dorothy FahnAi Hasebe, Amamiku
Cindy RobinsonKosagi, Ryoko Uchida
Richard EpcarKyouji Koriyama, Noein
Lara CodyLily, Miho Mukai, Tobi

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