: : : Noein Volume 1


Fiften years in a possible future, a great war is fought between the world of La'cryma and the invading forces of Shangri-La intent on their destruction. In a bid to save their world the elite Dragon Knights travel to an earlier time plane in search of the Dragon Torque, which is said to contain the power to stop the invaders. Their search leads them to Haruka, who they believe is what they are searching for.

Things do not go as planned, as a mysterious figure impeds their attempts and conflicting views on their approach arise within the knights. These actions ultimately lead to several of the knights breaking away and setting a plan into motion to destroy the Dragon Torque, forcing Karasu to make a decision.

DVD Features

  • Behind-The-Scenes: On Location with Actors and Directors
  • Two Alternate Openings
  • Textless Opening and Ending
  • Original Japanese Promos


    Melissa FahnHaruka
    Crispin FreemanKarasu
    Yuri LowenthalYuu
    Eddie FriersonAtori
    Bryce PapenbrookIsami Fujiwara
    Dorothy FahnAi Hasebe, Amamiku
    Cindy RobinsonKosagi, Ryoko Uchida
    Richard EpcarKyouji Koriyama, Noein
    Lara CodyLily, Miho Mukai, Tobi

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