: : : Nip/Tuck - The Complete Fifth Season

Nip/Tuck - The Complete Fifth Season

===Story=== Sean and Christian, two plastic surgeons, close friends and business partners who own an overwhelmingly successful plastic surgery practice, attempt to bring inner peace and visceral contentment to their patients through external cosmetic procedures. Although their clients aspire to cover up their pain, it is the surgeons who truly wear the masks of anguish and unhappiness, sadness and disillusionment. At midlife, the doctors question the prosperity that has brought them so much -- and has offered so little. Having relocated their business to Los Angeles, Sean and Christian struggle for success in a city where they are professionally unknown, and where residents yearn for fame.


Dylan WalshDr. Sean McNamara
Julian McMahonDr. Christian Troy
John HensleyMatt McNamara
Roma MaffiaDr. Liz Cruz
Kelly CarlsonKimber Henry
Joely RichardsonJulia McNamara
Oliver PlattFreddy Prune
Craig BierkoBob Easton
Jennifer CoolidgeCandy Richards
Bradley CooperAidan Stone
Serena Scott ThomasMiranda Nelson
Tia CarrereMistress Dark Pain
Portia de RossiOlivia Lord
Rosie O'DonnellDawn Budge
Jack PlotnickDr. George
AnnaLynne McCordEden Lord
Joel McKinnon MillerDuke Collins
Jessalyn GilsigGina Russo
Marlee MatlinBarbara Shapiro
John SchneiderRam Peters
Iqbal ThebaDr. Vijay Paresh
Morgan FairchildMorgan Fairchild
Katee SackhoffDr. Theodora 'Teddy' Rowe
Richard PortnowManny Caldarello

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Stem Cell blogged
Mar 4, 10 4:31am

Well people, Nip/Tuck has finally ended. The series finale aired Wed, Mar 3 at 10:00pm and ended 11:00pm. The last shot of Nip/Tuck was Christian at a bar picking up a girl. It's fitting, as without him the show just wouldn't of been Nip/Tuck at all. He learned from all these years at McNamara/Troy that Sean needed to be on his own and he let that happen. Christian finally let go of the person he needed and loved most in his life. I'd say it was a good finale to a great show. It will be missed.

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  • Genre: TV
  • Director: Charles Haid
  • Producer: Warner Home Video
  • Length: 675 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaOct 30, 2007
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaDec 30, 2008
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